Zodiac Tattoos

Fascinating World of Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Classic zodiac signs chart.If you search online among the different websites dealing with tattoos, you’ll find out that zodiac tattoo designs are gaining an immense popularity nowadays.  A lot of people worldwide are interested in astrology and it is through tattoos that they wish to show their deep admiration on zodiac signs.  People who are fascinated with the zodiac, and desire to have a permanent marking of their sign on their body opt to embed a zodiac tattoo design.

To give you a brief background of the zodiac, here is some relevant information about it, including the 12 zodiac signs.  When it comes to astronomy, the word zodiac refers to the constellation ring that is moving across the pathway of the sun over a period of one year in the celestial sphere called the ecliptic.

Chart of 12 zodiac tattoo in tribal design.

As far as astrology is concerned, the zodiac indicates the 12 signs that comprise the ecliptic as enumerated below, and their corresponding relationships to zodiac tattoo designs.  The 1st sign of Zodiac is Aries, represented by a ram.  Those who were born from March 21 to April 20 are considered as Aries people.

goat Aries tattoo design on side.

With regard to the Aries tat that symbolizes a ram, it shows the full image or just the head of this animal colored in red.  The 2nd sign of the zodiac is Taurus, which is represented by a bull.  Those people, whose birth date is from April 21 to May 21, belong to this sign.  The reason why Taurus tat designs have become popular worldwide is because they are symbolic of power and strength.

Taurus bull tattoo design.

Now comes the 3rd zodiac sign which is Gemini, symbolized by a twin.  From May 22 to June 21, people who were born during these dates are covered by the Gemini sign.  Referring to Gemini zodiac tattoo design, it is drawn with twin persons or objects such as boys, girls, angels, flowers, birds, fishes, etc.

Gemini symbol tattoo on girl's shoulder back.

Cancer is the 4th sign in the Zodiac represented by a crab. If you are born during the dates of June 22 to July 22, then, you are called a Cancerian.  Being symbolized by a crab, the Cancerian seems tough in his/her outside physical look, just like the crab with a brittle nutshell.  However, inside, the person is highly emotional and sensitive, having a protective nature.

Tribal Cancer tattoo image.

Next in the list is Leo, the 5th zodiac sign represented by an image of the lion.  People whose date of birth is from July 23 to August 23 belong to this zodiac sign, and usually, you can see them wearing their corresponding zodiac tattoo design.  The lion which represents this sign signifies power, protection, vitality, force, leadership, strength, etc.

Shoulder Leo sign tattoo design.

If you are born in this sign, you can opt to have a roaring lion, a fighting lion, an angry lion or one which is peaceful.  Pertaining to the 6th zodiac sign is Virgo which is portrayed by a maiden.  August 23 to September 23 is the dates when Virgo people were born.  When you see a beautiful maiden with a virginal look, it is distinguished as Virgo.

Virgo symbol tattoo image.

This attractive maiden can be formed into a smiling, coy or dreamy zodiac tattoo design.  The zodiac’s 7th sign is called Libra, signified by the scale. The corresponding dates when Librans were born is from September 24 to October 24.  These people are known to possess a great ability to judge, and are also known to have a good sense of art and beauty.

Libra symbol tattoo design.

Librans usually prefer tattoo designs that are sensitive and delicate.  If you are born under this sign, you can opt to embed typical scales alone, or a blindfolded woman holding scales with a sword on her other hand.

Are you familiar with the 8th zodiac sign?  It is Scorpio, symbolized by a poisonous scorpion.  If you or your friends are born between the dates October 24 to November 22, you can proudly say that you’re a Scorpion. The Scorpion zodiac tattoo design is made simple, but captivating, which you can ink in any part of your body.

Large Scorpio tattoo design on rib cage.

Regarding the 9th zodiac sign which is Sagittarius, it is represented by an archer.  These tat designs are very artistic and decorative, which can be worn by people who were within the dates November 23 to December 21.  This zodiac sign is usually symbolized by a bow and arrow, a centaur, or an archer.

Arm Sagittarius tattoo design.

If you search online, you’ll find a lot of tat design options for this zodiac sign which will surely captivate you.  In the case of the 10th zodiac sign which is called Capricorn, it is represented by a sea goat.  If a person is born from December 22 to January 20, then, he/she is under this sign.  The tattoos that correspond to the Capricornia’s portray the head of a sea goat or the full image of a goat in an advancing form.

Shoulder Capricorn tattoo design with name.

For those who were born from January 21 to February 19, they are usually called Aquarians.  They are under the 11th zodiac sign, which is represented by a water bearer in their own zodiac tattoo design.  The representation of a lovely maiden as the water bearer, or a young lady pouring water from a container is very pleasing to the eyes of both traditional and modern tat enthusiasts.

Blue Aquarious symbol tattoo design.Aquarius tattoo on girl's shoulder.

The last among the zodiac signs is Pisces which is represented by 2 fishes swimming in opposing directions.  If you are born from February 20 to March 20, then, you belong under this sign.  For many tat lovers worldwide, the tats pertaining to Pisces sign are considered one of the most wonderful and captivating tat designs.

Zodiac Pisces and fish tattoo design.

This is because they look attractive and colorful zodiac tattoo designs that are appealing to both men and women.  Another thing that attracts people from wearing this tat design is that there are unlimited choices from the species of fish that they can incorporate in their tat designs.

Now that you are fully oriented on the 12 different zodiac tattoo designs, you can proceed with your intention of embedding your own sign, but make sure that you have thought of it carefully before making it as a permanent tattoo.